OCEANS ROCK® School Assembly

Highly Interactive Program using Genuine Specimens (Taxidermy - not live), Huge Display, Background “Keynote” Movie-Like Presentation that follows our Knowledgable Staff Speaking & Entertaining Your Students & Campers - This has become our Most Sought After Program!! Book Early.
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  • You’ll learn fascinating facts on how we use items for the Oceans in our everyday lives.

  • You’ll learn at least 3 ways on how the Oceans are savings our lives in the most unique ways with Sponges, Coral and Horseshoe Crabs.

  • Amazing facts about Sea Stars, Jellyfish and Lobsters.

  • Learn about what lies underneath the coldest place on earth – Antarctica.

  • See, touch & learn about Sharks.

  • Learn about Manta Rays, Sting Rays, & Blue Whales, Giant Crabs, Sea Horses, Isopods, Octopus, the Blob Fish and more.

  • Finish off with an incredible Sea Shell Dig where your students can keep and take home gorgeous Sea Shells from around the world, fossil shark teeth and more.

In Support of NJ Clean Communities & preserving our Oceans in general,
we include a section of our OCEANS ROCK Program to making students aware of
the pollution problem we are facing & how they can help correct it as well.

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Learn about the environmental issues facing our oceans today, including the impact of garbage/plastics, chemicals and other waste that harm this precious resource

Amazing Display Specimens…
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Deep Sea

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Genuine SHARKS

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Megalodon Shark Tooth

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Prehistoric Trilobite

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400-Milllion Year Old Sea Stars!

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Massive Alaskan King Crabs & Lobsters

Click on video below…

Genuine Taxidermy and other Genuine Specimens

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Mr. Brown, Thank you so much for bringing Ocean's Rock to the Mahwah Public Library. The displays were spectacular, you and your multimedia presentation explained everything so that all of the children could learn about the evolution of marine life, and the Ocean Dig was a great way to end the program. The program was a nice fit for the wide range of ages we have in Children's Services and I received many compliments from the parents in the audience as well. I look forward to having Oceans, Dinosaurs and Gems Rock back next year!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sincerely, Chris Wilson
Christopher Wilson Head of Children's Services Mahwah Public Library
School Requirements:
Our set-up requires that we can drive up as close as possible to the room we are presenting in with no stairs. Many specimens and the gemstone mining digs are heavy and can not be taken on stairs. Please let us know if you have a stage available and/or if you need to set up 5 - 6 tables for us prior to our arrival along with a screen for our projector.

To Book Your School Assembly:
Call Us at 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

Please mark on your Calendar and notify your Main Office and Custodial Staff 1-day prior to our arrival about your School Assembly.

School Assemblies -
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