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Neil’s Rockets For Sale

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20-Ft Rocket Above SOLD

This is it!! Give yourself a Holiday Gift. Price is at the bottom of the page. I did this so you can see the incredible deal you are getting for one low price. Nothing is being sold separately - this is a single package CASH ONLY DEAL.
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Includes EVERYTHING you need to fly this BEAST! I made it 4 Ft Longer than the original specs from Polecat Aerospace. I fiberglassed the airframe on my own and built it like a freakin rock. It fly’s unbelievable on a M1939 seen here going to about 3000 ft. Comes with all lines, An Altimeter with two (2) Perfectflight HiAlt45K altimeters on sled (ready to use, 8 ft drogue, 24 ft Rocketman Main Parachute (with a 3 ft chute to help pull the monster parachute open, and a 12 or 14 ft chute just for the nose cone. I have the motor casing and loads of ignitors, - basically everything you need besides the actual motor itself (use a Aerotech M1939) for best looking flights.
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Motor Used: Aerotech M1939
Photos above by Bill Clune - NYPOWER 2016
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Motor Used in above video before re-painting to traditional Nike Smoke Colors - Cesaroni M3100
Here is a list of the Aerotech & Cesaroni Hardware that comes with this package:

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Aerotech Hardware - I used with a M1939 for the Nike Smoke

Close-up of the labeling of the Aerotech Hardware

Aerotech 98/5120 AND a L952 White Lightning - you can use the front and rear closures from the 98/10/280 - (liner shown for L-952)
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Close-up of labeling of Aerotech 98/5120

A bunch of different Cesaroni Hardware
Pro 75 - 6 grain with adaptors to fit 98 mm and a metal tube to place inside to make it a 5 grain motor if you want. Comes with front and rear closures along with Cesaroni Scredriver to tighten

Forward section of Cesaroni Pro 75 Hardware

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Cesaroni custom screwdriver to secure motor in hardware

STORAGE - who can’t use more storage? Just got this last year (6) drawers - Loads of room. Sits on top of the Red (Task Force) set of drawers that are deep and wide.

Close up of Task force drawer that comes with this deal

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Polecat Aerospace Woket - Flying Saucer
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5-Inch Polecat Aerospace Skeeter - Never built the kit so its brand new - HOWEVER I did Fiberglass the large fins to make them incredibly strong upon landing.
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10-Inch Polecat Aerospace FATMAN - I painted mine all GOLD. Made it a 54MM for low flights and apogee deployment - Comes with Altimeter on sled.
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FIREPROOF Safety Box to house your motors and other items.
Additional Rocketman Parachutes Listed below:
8 Ft Drogue with 2 inch wide Kevlar Coated Line (Line 6-8 ft)
24 Ft Rocketman Parachute - slightly damaged but can be sown to fix completely - will still work fine as is.
10 Ft Rocketman Parachute
12 Ft Rocketman Parachute
14 Ft Rocketman Parachute
You get EVERYTHING you see above plus extras (ignitors, e-matches, etc etc) I’ll find in my shop for only $999 CASH ONLY - you have to pick all this up yourself. No Shipping.
E-Mail me at dinosaursrockprograms@gmail.com if interested