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DINOSAURS ROCK® offers the most authentic learning experience with our expansive exhibits of museum quality specimens.
We believe that kids learn best while having fun … no goofy puppets, teeny exhibits or out-of-tune singing here!

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Includes a Multi-Media Presentation along with our famous fossil dig and amazing NEW Museum Quality Specimens.
Meet the newest member of our Exhibit - a 7-ft Deinonychus Skeleton - NEW for our latest DINOSAURS ROCK 2 Program
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Touch A Real Fossil Dinosaur Egg

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A couple of our very Professional Instructors Peter & Corinne
will WOW your Students with the Museum Exhibit.

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Highly Interactive Presentation - Your Students Are All Involved!

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Who Else Wants To Touch DINOSAUR POOP???

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Students in complete AWE with the display, Highly Interactive Presentation & Real Fossil Dig at the end of the show where they get to keep a real fossil!

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T-Rex Foot & Child

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Excavation Block

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Dinosaurs Rock School Assembly

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9-ft Mastodon Leg

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Tarbosaur Skull

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Kids LOVE Dinosaurs

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Please Note: All of our displays are GREAT! However, each Dinosaurs Rock Instructor's set-up may vary from one another.
Our School Assemblies transform your classroom or gym into a Museum. You will have a myriad of museum-quality (many genuine and life-size) dinosaur fossils and other prehistoric related items right in your own school. Your students will see specimens that are 10,000 to over 500 million years old.
The visual display and interactive presentation will be amazing! Meets and exceeds all NJ Science Core Curriculum Content Standards for all grades.

Do You Really Want To Take That Bus To Another Overcrowded Museum?

No More Expensive Buses!
No More Counting Your Students All Day!
No More Long Bathroom Breaks!
The Worrying & Stress Is Now Over!

Why Go On A Field Trip When…

Your School Assembly includes a genuine Fossil Dig. Your Students will have the opportunity to discover and keep genuine fossils. As they participate in this hands-on activity, they will be awed as they uncover genuine dinosaur bone, shark teeth, ammonites, petrified wood and more. Best of all, they will be taking some fossils home, the start of their own collection.
Our School Assembly programs can be presented to 50 - 500 or more students, done in consecutive sessions.

Book Your School Assembly Today. Call 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

This show requires either a stage and 2 tables or 5-6 tables set up prior to our arrival. If you choose DINOSAURS ROCK® 2 you will also need a screen for our projector.
NO STEPS INTO BUILDING - Please advise us exactly how close we can park to your school as many of our specimens are large and heavy.
School Requirements:
Our set-up requires that we can drive up as close as possible to the room we are presenting in with no stairs. Many specimens and the fossil digs are heavy and can not be taken on stairs. Please let us know if you have a stage available and/or if you need to set up 4 - 6 tables for us prior to our arrival.

To Book Your School Assembly - Call Us at
1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

Please mark on your Calendar and notify your Main Office and Custodial Staff 1-day prior to our arrival about your School Assembly.
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To Book Your School Assembly:
Call Us at 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

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Below are some of our hottest sellers for Schools that you can purchase directly from here.

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Amazing mix of genuine fossils (bulk) including shark teeth, megalodon shark teeth, dinosaur bone, brachiopods, clams, crinoid stems, petrified wood, fossil coral, ammonites and more. Approximately 40 pieces per pound - 1 pound. Great classroom dig or classification activity. Great Dinosaur Party idea for a fossil dig! Call 800-411-3466 for wholesale and quantity discounts.
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More Details..
Amazing mix of genuine bulk minerals and gemstones - from amethyst, citrine and quartz crystals, to pyrite, rough rubies and emeralds and Brazilian polished agates .  Approximately 40 pieces per pound - 1 pound. Great camp or classroom dig, panning or classification activity. Great mineral Party or gemstone party activity -  for panning for "gold" and minerals! Call 800-411-3466 for wholesale and quantity discounts.
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More Details..
Exclusive! Available only from DINOSAURS ROCK®. Go on a real Fossil & Mineral dig in the comfort of your own home! Excavate and discover 200+ genuine fossils and minerals.

Chip and brush away using safe wooden brushes (8 per block provided). at these awesome, easy to use excavation blocks and uncover fossils such as REAL dinosaur bone, ammonites, sea squid (orthoceras), fossil clams, crinoid stems, sea urchins and shark teeth (even some Megalodon shark teeth, from the largest shark that every lived! Plus awesome minerals such as REAL rough rubies, emeralds, amethyst crystals, citrine, quartz, glittery pyrite (fool's gold), variety of colorful Brazilian polished agates and more. ..When using these for group events at schools, camps and parties, we use one block per 6 kids our DINOSAURS ROCK® parties and school programs. Many customers set up stations and rotate kids through along with other activities such as Geode opening, shark tooth necklace-making and making art from Dinosaur & Fossil Rubbing plates (other products all found in our Superstore). Comes with tools and complete instructions. Note: No fancy packaging, just tons of real specimens (compare to packaged kits with just a few pieces in them!) to collect and enjoy. Each block is made from safe, sanitized playsand and plaster and of course fossils and minerals galore. The ultimate dinosaur gift or dinosaur party activity or dinosaur classroom resource! Hefty 12" x 4 1/2" x 3"

To Book Your School Assembly:
Call Us at 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

Entry into your school is extremely important.

With many heavy specimens and digs, we need to be as close to the room we are presenting in as possible WITHOUT STEPS.

PLEASE advise your office and Custodial Staff to day prior to our arrival.

The short video at the bottom of this page will explain our set-up needs.

Thank You so much in advance!!

IMPORTANT INFO TO KEEP - Please pass this along to your Custodial staff or to whomever needs to know about our School Assembly needs the day prior to our arrival: (click on movie to start)


e-mail: info@dinosaursrock.com

1-800-411-DINO (3466)