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How To Have The Best Birthday Ever!

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Whether you select DINOSAURS ROCK® or not, I believe you can gain some great insights on how to make your next birthday party a huge success from the info within. This inforamtion reflects 17+ years experience of conducting amazing children’s birthday parties. I wish you much success with your birthday party planning!
Neil Brown
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Neil Brown

Here Are Some Useful “TIPS”:
1. What Are The 3 Insider Dinosaur Birthday Party Tips Every Mom Needs To Know?
2. What Is The #1 Time-Saving Tip For Hosting A Dinosaur, Gems or Oceans Rock Party?
3. What Are The Most Common Birthday Party Problems Mom’s Face?
4. Six (6) Questions Every Mom Should Ask When Hosting a Dinosaur Birthday Party?
5. What Are 3 Mistakes Every Mom Seems To Make When Hosting A Dinosaur Birthday Party?
A DINOSAURS ROCK® Rock Birthday Party can be such a roaring success — no pun intended. The same goes for our GEMS ROCK® & OCEANS ROCK® Parties. These three birthday party themes are equally popular with both boys and girls and parents actually have a lot of fun with party preparations for these events. Each event is unlike any other birthday party you have ever been to and using the suggestions here will make yours a most memorable one!
Birthday Parties are a big event for both boys and girls. Especially between the ages of 4 - 12. To make a great party there has to be a great “THEME” and all the details to make yours the highlight of your child’s life are right here!
Dinosaurs make a great birthday theme for all ages - but remember to tailor these dinosaur party ideas to suit the age of your child.
What we put together here are observations we’ve noted over 17 years of doing parties coast-to-coast as well as conversations with many MANY Mom’s & Dad’s about what’s most important to them when it comes to their child’s Birthday Party. This book is short with NO filler - just the facts. Some are obvious, others not. You may agree and use as many of the ideas suggested here or you can dismiss them - whatever suits you best. So let’s get started…
1. What Are The 3 Insider Dinosaur Birthday Party Tips Every Mom Needs To Know?
First - Decorations are key! Besides the Museum Pieces DINOSAURS ROCK® brings to your home or facility you may want to invest in your own Party decorations. Some of the best we’ve seen are simply ones you can make on your own like giant dinosaur footprints you cut out of paper leading your guests to the backyard or smaller footprints inside your home leading them to the party room. One of our clients also created out of paper Dinosaur Teeth surrounding their front door and scary Dinosaur Eyeballs on top of the door so it looked as if the guests were walking into the Dinosaurs Mouth as they entered the home.

Make Your Party EXTRA Special - Add In Break-Your-Own-Crystal-Filled-GEODES!

GEODE VIdeo with Prof. Dave from Neil Brown on Vimeo.

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The best parties usually have two (2) separate areas - one for the “Show” whether it be Dinosaurs, Gems or Oceans and another area for your food and cake time. Your local Party City store can supply you with great looking helium dinosaur balloons and table settings. Do this in advance. Last minute shopping can lead to disappointment as they may not have items in stock.
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Second - DINOSAUR MUSIC: You can go online and download a MP3 or purchase a CD from the original JURASSIC PARK and play a few of the songs - the first 3 are the best! This adds greatly to the atmosphere and along with your decorations and our Museum Specimens - you now have a spectacular setting for your Event.
For a GEMS ROCK® party - we suggest any single color plastic table cloth (black is best for this party or any DARK color so that if you choose to add Minerals on your table they will stand out and look great!)) with a bunch of beautifully polished “AGATES” that you spread along the table - Remind the kids these are NOT TO EAT - THEY ARE REAL ROCKS!! Use any color paper plates and tableware you desire. If the children are young - you may want to use “Chocolate Rocks” instead of the real rocks that they can eat and really look like real rocks - just very small.

Gems Rock School Assembly from Neil Brown on Vimeo.

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If you want something absolutely Awesome & Gorgeous and Inexpensive ask us about these small (about 2 inches tall) beautiful rocks on wooden bases which are labeled with the name of the rock on it. These will add an unbelievably beautiful accent to your GEMS ROCK® party table similar to what you see above in the short video.
Click on video above…

For a OCEANS ROCK® party - we suggest a light blue plastic table cloth with tableware you see below that you can easily get at Party City or any other party store near you.
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Third - Have “light snacks” out and ready BEFORE your guests arrive. Pretzels, fruit and drinks are all great and will keep the kids (and adults) from wondering (Where’s the food?) NO greasy, oily snacks like Cheese Doodles or Potato Chips as the kids fingers will be noticeably dirty and we can not have then “touch any of our Authentic Specimens” if their hands are dirty. You don’t want the kids hungry when your party starts - watch how fast things become disruptive when they are hungry! PLEASE - No Food During Our Presentation!!
Bonus 4th Tip: If you want to do something totally unusual, totally memorable, and something that will get your guests excited as soon as your invitation arrives (as long as it is sent through the mail, this can not be done electronically) ask us about adding in a small genuine fossil to your invitation like a small piece of genuine fossil “DINOSAUR BONE” - we will send you 1/4 inch or smaller pieces so it is accepted in the regular mail. You get 20 pcs of genuine fossil Dinosaur Bone (they look like small brown rocks at that size but they are REAL along with 20 small plastic bags. You will get a link to a page where you can print up a tiny info card to go along with the Fossil Dinosaur Bone. People will be talking about this totally unique idea you came up with!!!
We can do the same with GEMS ROCK® and OCEANS ROCK® as well. We can send you a small very beautiful “shiny” rock or a small sea shell you can use in your invitations.
2. What Is The #1 Time-Saving Tip For Hosting A Dinosaur, Gems or Oceans Rock Party?
Ok - Ready? You’re probably going to think that this next “Tip” is so obvious that why am I including it in here? Everyone knows this. Here it is…
Preparation Well In Advance!
You have no idea how many parties we have been to in the 17 years of doing Birthday Parties that when we arrive to set-up, nothing is done “yet” to prepare for your guests who are probably going to arrive in about an hour or so.
Don’t skip this part…
Dinosaur/Gems/Oceans Themed Birthday Parties are so popular that party stores have aisles dedicated to turning your home or event space in to a fun filled room. Use decorations you purchase ONLY IN YOUR EATING AREA, not in the presentation room where we will set up. Why? Because the specimens we bring are pieces normally seen in Museums and you want “THAT” area to look AUTHENTIC!
The most successful parties have all done the following well in advance of your child’s big day:
1. Make a written list of everything you need:
2. Party Decorations - that’s easy - visit you local party store and find what you like from helium balloons to your tableware. Do this at least two weeks in advance. Pick up your helium balloon(s) the day of your party.
3. Birthday Cake - You can now order some beautiful Themed Birthday Cakes at your local baker - make sure you do this at least a week in advance of your party. See examples below…
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VERY IMPORTANT! If your Birthday Party is going to be held outdoors in your backyard - walk your backyard and make sure there are no Bees Nests or annoying fly’s flying around. If so - take care of that right away. We’ve been to parties where bees have actually built a nest UNDER THE LAWNS and when stepped on dozens of bees start flying out and this will ruin your party - Guaranteed!
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3. What Are The Most Common Birthday Party Problems Mom’s Face?
1. Financial Considerations. Birthday Parties don’t have to be expensive. You can make any party as lavish as you wish however if budgeting is a concern then think about it - do you really need all the “Themed” balloons and extra “Themed” decorations? Brightly colored plates and table clothes are almost 1/2 the price of themed products. Better yet - go to your local DOLLAR STORE. Instead of paying $3-$5 for table cloths, you can get them here for $1 each! Also - If you choose - ask us about our GOODIE BAGS which we bring already made for you. Since we are a wholesaler in this area - we offer you our Amazing GOODIE BAGS at 1/2 the price you would have to pay at any retail shop. Food - Wow! Have you noticed how food has become incredibly expensive today with so many products being offered in smaller portions and higher prices? The point is - if you want a catered Buffet, then by all means do it. If budgeting is more your style - then get a variety of pizza and a regular cake with your child’s name on it. Everyone will still be happy.
2. Having Too Many Different Entertainment Choices. Although this sounds like a great idea when you first think about it, in reality too many activities will “water-down” your party so-to-speak. We’ve been to parties where they have not only us doing a complete program, but there is also a Bouncy House, A Magician, Live Animals, a DJ, Etc all at the same party. What is the result? Complete confusion & distraction & OVERLOAD for your child for whom we want to make feel very special on their birthday. Any one of our three Themed Birthday Parties is all you need - you can add in extras as well - just visit our Birthday Party Page to see what other choices you have.
3. Whom To Invite & The Surprise Appearance! You don’t need a giant list. First and foremost is inviting Family - grandparents, cousins, etc. Younger kids usually invite their class from school however we recommend you find out from your child who is usually disruptive in class and needs to be watched at your party. Remember, this is YOUR CHILDS special day and there are kids who feel the need to be troublesome.
4. On Your Invitation - Make RSVPing A REQUIREMENT. Add in a note that you must be notified if any additional people are coming. If the Parents are staying, are they bringing any extra family members? Maybe a cousin is visiting from out of town - you need to know this in advance to plan accordingly.
5. Guests arriving LATE! When you send your invitation to your guests we recommend you write down a time that is 15 - 30 minutes earlier than when you actually want to start. Nothing is more disruptive (especially for your child) than friends or family arriving late after your “Show” has started. Watch what happens - your child jumps up, takes 2 to 3 minutes saying “hello” and the “flow” of the party has to be re-started. We recommend one of the Parents stay in the back of the party room to greet your guests and if someone is late make sure they quietly sit down and the official “greeting” to your birthday child is done right after the show.
6. RAIN. You’ve planned your party to be outdoors all year and, can you believe it, it might rain that day. What do you do? Is your home big enough to accommodate all the guests you want to invite? When the weather is not on our side - we have done parties in Garages, if you have room in your garage - this is a great place to hold your show - then indoors to your basement for the food & cake. Just in case you know for sure a storm is heading your way (see tip #7 below) call your local Firehouse or Ambulance house as they usually have a dining hall they can rent out that no one usually knows about and can probably get you out of a jam right away. Your only problem is now contacting everyone on your list to tell them the new location.
7. You need an outside facility to hold your party. if the thought of having a party inside your home isn’t for you, one of the best most overlooked places that almost no one thinks about is your local Firehouse or Ambulance facility. They rent out their rooms at the most reasonable prices of any place you can find. Most Firehouses have large dining halls that are ground level and they have a kitchen and all the room you could possibly want for your child’s Birthday Party. What’s the worst place to hold a party IF you choose to use any one of the 3 parties that DINOSAURS ROCK® offers? A RESTAURANT! Believe it or not - they will only give you a small space and the noise from other customers will dampen the atmosphere you tried so hard to create.
4. Six (6) Questions Every Mom Should Ask When Hosting A Dinosaur Birthday Party
1. Will My Child Enjoy This? One of the biggest things any party host loses sight of is meeting and exceeding the expectations of their child. You want the best for them and will go to any length to make the party exceptional. Amidst your own ideas about the party and making your child’s imagination a reality, you can lose sight of what’s best. Ask your child what type of party they want! Show them our BIRTHDAY PARTY PAGE and see if it resonates with them - if so then consider using DINOSAURS ROCK® for your child’s party.
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Kids Are On a Real Fossil Dig with our Exclusive EXCAVATION BLOCKS!

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Add in our EXCAVATION BLOCKS to make your party a major hit. It’s like being on a REAL FOSSIL DIG except in the comfort of your own home.
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Panning for Real GEMSTONES - Rubies, Emeralds, etc etc

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So Many Fossils & so Many Minerals To Dig Up - Each Child Takes Home 20+ Specimens!

2. How Many Kids Should I Invite? I know we mentioned this already but this is important. If the party is for a child under age 5, and parents are invited to stay (recommended), the number of kids won’t be a big factor. Usually the parents will supervise their own children, so you’ll be able to concentrate more on yours. If you are choosing one of our Birthday Parties - look at the number of children allowed in the price area and how much you will be charged for additional children over and above that number.
Some experts maintain that kids are old enough to be dropped off at parties once they’re about 5 or 6 years old. By that time, most have been in playgroups, pre-schools, and possibly kindergarten. That means they should have the social skills they need to play nicely with other kids and have a good time.
3. What Time Should I Have My Birthday Party? Our parties are scheduled at either 11AM or 3PM. This gives you the option of having your show and activities before lunchtime or if you choose the 3pm option - you can simply serve birthday cake and call it a day. Keep in mind as your kids get older their “sports” schedules will get in the way of your party timing.
4. How Long Should The Party Last? An hour for kids under age 5, and an hour-and-a-half to two hours for older kids should be perfect. State a pick-up time on the invitation, so parents know exactly when to get their young partygoers.
5. What Should I Serve? If parents bring along their tiniest tots their moms or dads usually help them to a bite of cake and ice cream that will probably make them very happy.
For young kids, small food portions work well. Think cut-up fruit, pieces of cheese, baby carrots, crackers, and miniature muffins.
Another idea is to make popular sandwiches rolled up and sliced to form pinwheels, or cut into shapes using cookie cutters.
For kids over 7 or so, you can never go wrong with macaroni and cheese, baked ziti, or pizza. Add some salad or cherry or grape tomatoes and sliced cucumbers to give the party fare a bit more color.
A lot of food markets sell Dinosaur Shaped Chicken Nuggets!
You can also get Chicken Wings and call them Pterodactyl Wings!
Coat Pretzel Sticks with white chocolate and call them Dinosaur Bones!
If you’re serving pizza, tell your pizza place the cut the slices in half. Let the kids keep coming back for more of the smaller slices. Cutting small slices will dramatically reduce waste.
Make LAVA JUICE to drink. Simply get some Strawberry-Lemonade and call it Volcanic Lava Juice. Wanna go crazy? Freeze some of that juice into your ice cube tray and add in 1 or 2 dinosaur shaped “Gummy Bears” - when melted the Gummy Bears will float to the top of the drink!
Finally & Obviously a Birthday Cake or Cupcakes are essential. Maybe decorate your own cupcakes. Or get a tub of ice cream with all he fixens on the side - crushed cookies, hot fudge, cherrys, nuts, sprinkles, etc. Kids love to make their own dessert!
6. Should we open presents while all the guests are there? This used to be a tradition but I highly recommend against it. The last thing you want to do is embarrass a child if the gift they got gets tossed aside and laughed at. Wait until everyone leaves, open the present, make a list of who got you what, and as soon as you can send a Thank-You note personalizing it with the child’s name and the present they got you. Your guests will appreciate this.
Bonus Question #7. Should I Get A Piñata? Out of all the years of doing parties there is a right way and a wrong way of doing Pinata’s. The wrong way is to have the kids smash open the Piñata and have everything fall straight down on the floor. Watch what happens. I’ve witnessed many kids diving into the middle of the pile of candy, banging their heads, crying, or someone didn’t get anything because everything fell in one spot. Want to know the right way to do a Piñata? I thought so. Have each child take a “whack” with a “PLASTIC” bat at the Piñata. If it starts to open YOU, the parent, open it up and spread the candy all around so everyone gets a few pieces of candy to take home. Also, have a couple of adults on the side with extra candy in a bag that they can throw in areas where there might not be enough candy for the kids to find. This way everyone is happy.
5. What Are 3 Mistakes Every Mom Seems To Make When Hosting A Dinosaur Birthday Party?
1. You will want to SET BOUNDARIES as to where kids can go inside your home. Not every room is free to go into. Decide which rooms are off-limits and close the doors. Make a small sign - KEEP OUT - CONSTRUCTION ZONE and tape it to the door. To block off stairs, create your own version of a rope with streamers or balloons at the base or top of the stairs.
2. Not Handling Wild Partiers! This is YOUR CHILDS SPECIAL DAY. There will be a kid or 2 who needs more attention and they usually become disruptive in order to get that attention. If a child becomes disruptive, take him or her aside and ask whether they want to call their Mom and have them go home as their behavior is unacceptable. You will see how fast their behavior changes for the better when you do this.
3. Not Asking Guests About Food Allergies. Every school today has a “Peanut Free” table because so many kids are allergic to peanuts. Do you have a cat or dog in your home? Many kids and adults are allergic to cat and dog hair. This is only a suggestion but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a bottle of Children’s Benadryl in your medicine cabinet just in case of a allergic reaction to a bee sting, cat or dog, or something else. ALWAYS GET PERMISSION FROM THE CHILDS PARENT BEFORE YOU GIVE ANY MEDICATION TO ANOTHER CHILD.
Bonus Tip #4: Parents talking while the presentation is going on. This is not only a problem for us here at DINOSAURS ROCK® but it is a major problem for any performer from any other company we have ever spoken too. If children see you paying attention and enjoying a presentation or show - then they will act accordingly. If, however, they see and hear parents talking in the background, it becomes disruptive and takes the focus of the presentation away. Remember, this is your child’s special day. Kindly ask guests and/or parents to wait to talk until after the show.
Parents Comment About Their Experience With A DINOSAURS ROCK® Birthday Party. Click on any video below…
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