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GEMS ROCK School Assembly

Gems Rock School Assembly from Neil Brown on Vimeo.

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Jam-packed Multi-media presentation with Grade Specific Information, lots of student participation and an Amazing Dig where your students will dig, find, keep and take home an incredible collection of Gems and Minerals. This School Assembly requires a Screen, and 3 tables for our display specimens. Easy access into building without stairs.
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VIDEO Dinosaurs Rock Promotion from Neil Brown on Vimeo.

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Hi Neil,
Yes the program was excellent! Peter did a great job. I sent some pictures to your gmail address, not sure if you got them. Thanks for the Excavation blocks, the students LOVED the assembly as usual. They are still talking about it and showing all their treasures.
 Hope you are well.

Carla Annese
Grade 3
Mt. Horeb School
Warren Twp. Schools
GEMS ROCK School Assembly
GEMS ROCK School Assembly
GEMS ROCK School Assembly
Grade Specific & Appropriate From Pre-K To 7th Grade: With Gems Rock You Are Going To Learn The Following:
  • Your younger grades will be amazed at how many items around your home are created from the rocks we take out of the ground and use in our everyday lives.

Let us know if any of the following topics are important for us to cover for your specific grade:
  • Rocks As Earths Resources.
  • Learn Amazing Insights On How The Earth Was Formed.
  • How Rocks Are Formed.
  • How Rocks Are Broken Down - Weathering & Erosion.
  • Geologic Time And Physical Changes Through Time.
  • Plate Tectonics And The Large Scale Dynamic Forces That Affect The Earths Land, Water And Atmospheric Systems.
  • Volcanoes, Earthquakes And Tsunami's - How They Are Created.
  • Earth & The Solar System.
Make this day the BEST DAY OF YOUR STUDENTS LIVES - Let them Break Open Their Very Own Natural Crystal Filled GEODE To Keep & Take Home!!
GEMS ROCK School Assembly

GEODE VIdeo with Prof. Dave from Neil Brown on Vimeo.

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Everthing around us was created because we took something out of the ground and turned it into something we use today. Join us in this fascinating exploration of how the earth developed, the magnificent forces that shape the earth, and how we use its resources in all areas of our lives.
Neil Brown
GEMS ROCK® Includes Panning For Genuine Gemstones - Imagine Your Students Taking Home a Genuine RUBY or EMERALD They Found! You can also UPGRADE to our EXCAVATION Where Your Students Will Feel Like They Are On A Real Dig Experience - call for current prices!
Panning for Gemstones


EXCAVATION BLocks - Just like being on a real fossil dig!

Students working in groups of six (6) to dig, find, and keep almost 25+ specimens each.

GEMS ROCK - Excavation Blocks
Find really rocks, minerals & gemstones - GEMS ROCK!
GEMS ROCK - Amethyst
GEMS ROCK - Pan for Gemstones
School Requirements:
Our set-up requires that we can drive up as close as possible to the room we are presenting in with no stairs. Many specimens and the gemstone mining digs are heavy and can not be taken on stairs. Please let us know if you have a stage available and/or if you need to set up 3 tables for us prior to our arrival along with a screen for our projector.

To Book Your School Assembly:
Call Us at 1-800-411-DINO (3466) or (845) 368-3466

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